Buying And Selling Cherished Number Plates

At Private Car Numbers we are a small independently owned business and have been supplying personalised number plates to businesses and private individuals for 35 years. I am Alan Hebbs, and I own the business and I deal personally with every sale from start to finish. You can be assured that I make certain that we will not be beaten on price as we will match and try to beat the price of any number plate offered by another dealer.

We have thousands of cherished number plates for sale from our own stock or from individuals or businesses for whom we are acting as agents. Some of the most popular searches are for three letters which could be your or your partner’s initials. You might also want something like SAM if your name is that, or if your partner is Samantha. Car model numbers like 911 are also popular, as are plates such as M155 with the lady’s initials after it.

If you have a number plate that you think might be worth something and wish to sell it, we are happy to carry out valuations by post, email, or telephone. The price will be the minimum that we think we can return to you if you let us handle the sale on your behalf. You retain ownership until we have made the sale, and we cover all the advertising costs. In some instances we may be prepared to buy the number plate ourselves, and we will advise you and make an offer if this is the case.

We also attend the DVLA auctions of number plates which are held on a regular basis. If you do not wish to attend an auction, we can do so acting as your agent. It is really very simple: you tell us the maximum bid that you are prepared to make, and we will bid up to that price, but may get it for less. We simply charge an agreed percentage of the hammer price. Of course, it could be that your price is outbid and in this case we charge you nothing.