For Private Reg Come To Private Car Numbers

When you are looking for private reg plates for sale, the name that springs to mind is Private Car Numbers. We have been in the business of buying and selling private registration plates for over 35 years which is probably longer than any other dealer. Over that period of time we have purchased many number plates that we have put into our own stock, which means that we now have, quite literally, thousands of number plates that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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Look Nowhere Else When Searching For Personalised Reg Plates

When you are looking for personalised number plates for sale there is no point in going to any dealer other than Private Car Numbers. There are two reasons why we say this, the first of which is that we have been in business for 35 years and over that period of time we have built up huge stocks of personalised reg plates that the DVLA has allocated to us and that you therefore cannot buy from anyone else.

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Personalised Number Plates – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

At Private Car Numbers we have been buying and selling DVLA personalised number plates for a little over 35 years, so we have the expertise that you need when you are looking for a number plate for that special gift. There is nothing quite like a personalised registration because it is a gift that is unique.
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Private Car Numbers Has Been Dealing In Personalised Number Plates For 35 Years

At Private Car Numbers, we are the leading dealer in DVLA personalised number plates in the UK and have been buying and selling them for 35 years. Over this period of time, we have built up a huge collection of many thousands of private registrations that are entirely our own stock, and so you cannot possibly buy them from anyone else.

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Buying And Selling Cherished Number Plates

At Private Car Numbers we are a small independently owned business and have been supplying personalised number plates to businesses and private individuals for 35 years. I am Alan Hebbs, and I own the business and I deal personally with every sale from start to finish. You can be assured that I make certain that we will not be beaten on price as we will match and try to beat the price of any number plate offered by another dealer.

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Record Sale Of Car Number F 1

F1 – Number plates breaks all previous UK records.

Friday, 25 January 2008

A record price has been set for a British Car registration number after a businessman paid £440,625 to buy the Formula One initials personalised plate F1.

Afzal Khan, 37, smashed the previous record of a public number plate sale £331,000, paid 18 months ago for M1, to purchase the historic F1 number plate from Essex County Council.

The Bradford entrepreneur, who owns a specialist car design company, plans to display the private number plate on his £317,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar.

F1 was the first cherished number plate issued by the Essex County Register of Motors in 1904, the year it became compulsory for motor vehicles to bear a registration plate.
Its first owner was the Essex county surveyor, Percy John Sheldon, who attached it to his 15hp, four-seater Panhard Levassor.

After a period in private hands it was given back to the county council in 1955 and subsequently used on a variety of civic limousines including a Darracq Torpedo, a Humber, a Daimler and a Jaguar.

The authority will use its windfall to fund an advanced driver training programme to improve the skills of hundreds of young motorists in Essex.

Lord Hanningfield, the council leader, said he was pleased that the number plate sale money was being put to such a cause.
“It will be with some sadness that we will be losing this little piece of Essex Car registration number history but we have sold it at a time when such personaliesd and cherished number plates are reaching very high sale prices on the market and we have reached a deal which breaks all previous records,” he said.

Mr Khan, the owner of Khan Design, which describes itself as “the most successful automotive design house in the UK”, said that he had been tracking the F1 personalized plate for a number of years. He believes that he has purchased a registration at a bargain plates price.

“I think it’s a good price to pay because it’s probably worth 10 times that,” he said.

“I am privileged to have acquired such a prestigious plate and I’m extremely happy that the money raised from the sale will help improve road safety through the training of young drivers.”

Mr Khan’s total investment of £440,625 (£375,000 plus VAT) beats the £331,000 paid by a Cheshire businessman in July 2006 for the number plate M1, apparently as a present for his son’s sixth birthday. In April 2006 a Sikh businessman paid £254,000 for the car number plate 51 NGH (spelling the name Singh), at a DVLA Number plate auction.

The world record price for a car registration plate, £3.5 million, was paid at a number plate auction in Abu Dhabi last year by a prominent Gulf businessman, Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri, for the single-digit number 5.That record is expected to be broken later this year, when Abu Dhabi Police auction the most sought-after personalised cherished car number plate in the United Arab Emirates, the single-digit 1.