Personalised Number Plates – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

At Private Car Numbers we have been buying and selling DVLA personalised number plates for a little over 35 years, so we have the expertise that you need when you are looking for a number plate for that special gift. There is nothing quite like a personalised registration because it is a gift that is unique.
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Private Car Numbers Has Been Dealing In Personalised Number Plates For 35 Years

At Private Car Numbers, we are the leading dealer in DVLA personalised number plates in the UK and have been buying and selling them for 35 years. Over this period of time, we have built up a huge collection of many thousands of private registrations that are entirely our own stock, and so you cannot possibly buy them from anyone else.

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Car Number Plates Or Model Of Car Plates

Car Number Plates From Private Car Numbers

If you are looking for personalised registration plates for your car, then browse our huge range from good quality discounted car number plates through to premium 3 letter, dateless car plates. We also offer cheap  car plates from only £70 as well as current personalised prefixes so you can choose a modern car number plate with your own initials.

Private Car Numbers Registrations can offer you great deals on car number plates with the kind of professional service that you expect from a company of our longstanding ( since 1983 ) . Our experience means we are able to source some incredible deals, even on the most exclusive car plates and we have worked hard over the years to make personalised car registration plates accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of your budget.

Buying a personalised car registration plate allows you to express yourself through your car and add that sought-after edge of exclusivity that will help you to stand out from the crowd. If it’s a 911 number  you are looking for just type 911 into our search box , This applies to any model of vehicle .

Personalised car plates also make great gifts, whether you choose car number plates with a mixture of brand and your initials or spell out a word that reflects your personality. Many people choose car plates that mirror the make of car. At Private Car Numbers Reg, we can help you find the car registration plate that matches the make and model of your car at a great price. Why not get in touch and we can help you find the car number plate you are looking for?