For Private Reg Come To Private Car Numbers

When you are looking for private reg plates for sale, the name that springs to mind is Private Car Numbers. We have been in the business of buying and selling private registration plates for over 35 years which is probably longer than any other dealer. Over that period of time we have purchased many number plates that we have put into our own stock, which means that we now have, quite literally, thousands of number plates that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

If you can’t find the plate that you are looking for anywhere else, it may well be because it is in our stock list, which means that you can only buy it from us. For that reason, many people in the know come to us first when they are looking for a new number plate.

There is another reason that people come to us first, and that is because of our guarantee. Quite simply, we guarantee that if the number plate you want is not part of our stock and is available on the open market we will – at the very least – match another dealer’s price. The even better news is that on most occasions we will beat that price. This means that when you want a private reg there is simply no point in looking anywhere else.

We make the process of transferring your new number plate to you smooth and easy. If the plate is part of our stock, we can transfer it to you within 7 days. If it is not part of our stock, it will take approximately four weeks. There is a fee that the DVLA charges for transferring the registration and it is currently £80.

Private number plates can actually cost very little. Certainly, some of the rare ones go for huge amounts, but these are usually the dateless plates before 1962 such as the £440,000 recently paid for the number plate F 1 by businessman Afzal Khan. However, there are very many plates on the market for a couple of hundred pounds or so and they can make a great birthday present for a loved one. Enter the plate you are looking for in our search box and we will tell you straight away if it is available.

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