Look Nowhere Else When Searching For Personalised Reg Plates

When you are looking for personalised number plates for sale there is no point in going to any dealer other than Private Car Numbers. There are two reasons why we say this, the first of which is that we have been in business for 35 years and over that period of time we have built up huge stocks of personalised reg plates that the DVLA has allocated to us and that you therefore cannot buy from anyone else.

We use the word “allocated” because nobody actually “owns” a number plate. The DVLA actually issues a number plate to a particular vehicle. However, when you sell that vehicle you can obtain a retention certificate which gives you the right to hold the plate and put the number on another vehicle, or you can sell that right to someone else, which is what we do. The only thing you cannot do is to make a car look younger than it actually is, so you could not put GB16 FTA, as an example, on a car first registered in 2012.

Not only do we hold stocks of thousands of personalised reg plates of our own, but we also have access to millions more. However, we make a unique guarantee and that is that you cannot buy any of those registrations for less from another dealer. At the very least, we will match another dealer’s price, but in most cases we will beat it. This is why we say that there is no point in going anywhere else other than Private Car Numbers. We have reg plates you can’t buy anywhere else, and those that you can you will not find for less.

Another advantage of the reg plates that are in our own stock, is the speed of transfer. We can arrange for speedy reg transfer within 7 days, so you can be proudly driving around with your shiny new number plate next week.

If you have a registration that you wish to sell, we can undertake a valuation for you. The value we     quote is the minimum amount you can expect if we handle the sale for you as your agent. We may also make an offer to buy your reg ourselves.