Personalised Number Plates – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

At Private Car Numbers we have been buying and selling DVLA personalised number plates for a little over 35 years, so we have the expertise that you need when you are looking for a number plate for that special gift. There is nothing quite like a personalised registration because it is a gift that is unique.

To begin with, we have found that so many people have been over the moon when presented with a pair of number plates to put on their car that define who they are, and they also realise that as the buyer of the gift you have gone to great lengths to find something that is exciting and different from those few pairs of socks or the woolly hat that they normally get for Christmas. It is because it is such an unusual gift and is also one of a kind that it has extra special meaning on Christmas morning. What could possibly be in that long, thin, beautifully wrapped parcel? Isn’t that really “something else”?

Of course, while finding that special number plate for a loved one is a great idea and is a gift that will go on giving for years, there are all sorts of possibilities for your own car. One that we liked is MPV 1P which we have seen in our constituency and has been displayed as MP V1P and obviously belongs to a member of parliament, although we are not sure who he or she is. Certainly, MP 1 was sold in June 2005 for a few pennies short of £160,000 and is very likely worth around double that now.

That is another point. The demand for personalized number plates has gone through the roof over the last few years, and so correspondingly have the prices that they can fetch. While they are not yet in the realm of crypto currencies which can hit astronomical figures in a matter of days, they are also nowhere near as volatile. This means that you can buy one now and have the fun of using it for years while it is still growing substantially in value.

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