Personalised Number Plates

Our Personalised Number Plates Are Unbeatable Value!

We GUARANTEE That You Cannot Get Them For Less Anywhere Else!

At Private Car Numbers we have thousands of personalised car number plates that are our own stock. Many companies selling personalised number plates are only acting as agents for other people, but at Private Car Numbers we have been buying and selling personalised registration plates for 35 years.

During this time we have spotted and purchased many thousands of DVLA personalised number plates that we know people will want and kept them in our own stock. Certainly, we act as agents as well, finding custom number plates that customers have requested us to locate, but if you want one from our own stock you cannot get it from anyone else. Not even the DVLA!

It gets better still: because we have been trading in personalised registration plates for so many years we are able to GUARANTEE that you will not get a better price anywhere else. That’s right! If you find personalised number plates for sale anywhere else that are not part of our own stock and for which we can also act as agent we guarantee to match that price at the very least, but in most cases we will be able to beat it!

What this means to you as someone looking for car number plates is that –whether they are our own stock or at present belong to someone else – you simply cannot buy them for less than you can from Private Car Numbers!

Now we are the first to admit that some DVLA personalised registrations are not cheap. In fact, depending on your definition of “expensive”, some of the prices that are charged are astronomical, However, when you are searching for personalised car reg. you have to remember that there is only, ever, ONE of the personalised registrations that you want in existence.

That’s it! There is just one. If you want it and it is on offer for £50,000 that is what you are going to have to pay. This is why, when looking for personalised reg. plates you need to come to us. As we said just now, when it comes to personal car registration plates you cannot buy them for less anywhere else, and that applies whether we are talking about personalised number plates that cost a few hundred pounds or ones that run into thousands.

In fact, the most expensive personalised registration ever is presently for sale at just under £15,000,000! Yes, that’s 15 MILLION. It belongs to British automotive  designer Afzal Khan and is simply the personalised car reg. F1. Khan paid £440,000 for it in 2008 and was once offered £6 million for it. Unfortunately, if that is the number plate that you want we are unable to obtain it for you so you will have to pay Mr Khan for it.

However, most personalised number plates for sale don’t run into those sorts of figures, and as we say many of them are only a few hundred pounds – some less than £300 – because although they are important to you they may not mean anything to someone else. You and your loved ones know that, say, your daughter Darja has just turned 18, but DA18 RJA may not mean much to anyone else and could be purchased for very little for her birthday. Nonetheless, it is something that Darja will treasure for the rest of her life.

At Private Car Numbers we also undertake number plates valuation. If you have a number plate that you think may have value please contact us and we will be happy to give you a valuation, and to sell it for you if you wish to instruct us.