Personalised Registration Plates

For Personalised Registration Plates Come To The Specialists: Private Car Numbers

Private Car Numbers Has Been In The Personalised Number Plates Business For 35 Years

If you are looking for DVLA private reg. numbers, the first place you should look at is Private Car Numbers. We have been buying and selling personalised registration plates for 35 years and we have amassed huge stocks of our own private reg. plates for sale that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. The whole point about personalised registration plates is that there only is ever one of them and you can also only buy it if it is available for sale. There are many private registration plates that many people would love to have but may also never come on the market because the keepers will not sell them.

At Private Car Numbers we have many private registration plates available, either from our own stocks or from people who have DVLA personalised registrations they wish to sell and have instructed us to do so on their behalf. Believe it or not, this means that we have access to some 45 million private reg. plates for sale, so this means that we must have the very personalised registration number that you are looking for.

There are some amazing private reg. plates such as FU 2. Back in the 1960’s it was owned by London nightclub owner Paul Raymond whose girlfriend, actress Fiona Richmond, had it on her yellow E-type Jaguar. Eventually it was sold to Billy Smart of the Billy Smart Circus family, who also owned BS 1. Make of it what you will!

Personalised registration plates for sale are available from us here at Private Car Numbers, and we oversee the whole process so that the new reg is transferred to you as quickly as possible. In the case of custom number plates which are a part of our own stock we can usually do this in seven days.

Despite what many people think, you do not ever own a personalised reg. because the ownership belongs to the vehicle on which it is displayed. It is a method of identifying the vehicle for tax and police purposes. What you buy is the right to use that particular private reg. on your own vehicle. If you buy private reg. plates and want to transfer them to another vehicle you will need to have the V5 registration documents for both of them, valid MOT certificates for both if they are over three years old, a completed V317 form, and also pay a fee of £80 to the DVLA for the transfer. Reg. transfers usually take around four weeks if they belong to a third party who has instructed us to sell them on their behalf, but speedy reg. transfers are possible when they are from our own stocks.

Here at Private Car Numbers, cherished registrations are our forte. Having been both buying and selling them for 35 years and having many thousands of our own number plates for sale, we know what sort of registration plates have value and what don’t. You would be quite surprised at the sorts of combinations of letters and numbers that may look as though they have no importance at all but may have considerable meaning for someone else. So if you have a number plate that is a bit different and think it could have some value, then please do call us for a valuation.