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Private Car Numbers – The #1 Plate Hunter In The UK

When You Are Looking For Private Plates, Private Car Numbers Is The #1 Choice

If you are searching for private number plates, then the first choice should be Private Car Numbers. As the leading plate hunter in the UK, we have been locating cheap number plates for customers in the UK for over 35 years. When you are looking for custom number plates we have the experience that you need. Furthermore, if you want plates for less, then take note of our price promise: we undertake to match, and will try and beat, the price of the same number plate advertised by any other dealer.

Having been in the business of buying and selling DVLA number plates for so many years, we have stocks of many thousands of private reg plates which belong to us. That means, quite simply, that you cannot buy them anywhere else. And we really do have a lot of them, so enter your required number plate and see if we have it in stock.

Even if we don’t have the number you require, as the leading plate hunter in the UK we have access to around 45 million other combinations so there is bound to be something that we can obtain that will satisfy your needs. When you consider our price promise, you simply cannot buy any number plate anywhere else for less, so by buying through us you certainly won’t pay more, but you could very well pay less than from any other advertiser. Let’s face it: when looking for private reg plates we all want them for the lowest possible price.

Here is another thing: every few months the DVLA hold auctions where they sell off private plates from years gone by that have never been issued. To borrow a quote from Sir Michael Caine “Not a lot of people know that.” However, we do, and we can ascertain what is available, and as the top plate hunter in the country we can also represent you at the auction and bid on your behalf if you would like us to. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

We are the leading plate hunter in the UK and accordingly we can find number plates that are really very inexpensive. This is because there are almost limitless combinations of letters and numbers and some of them mean very little to the man in the street. However, they may well have significance for you, so it is well worthwhile making the enquiry and we will see what we can find. We are, after all, the leading plate hunter in Britain.

Whatever you are looking for in the way of number plates in the UK we can find you something suitable, and at Private Car Numbers you are guaranteed something that everybody looking for a special plate wants and that is number plates for less.