Registration Transfer

Speedy Registration Transfer from Private Car Numbers

We Sell and Transfer Personalised Registrations As Fast As Possible

When you buy a new personalised car reg, you obviously want to get speedy reg transfer and absolute reg transfer. At Private Car Numbers we can arrange for speedy reg transfer within 7 days if you buy personalised reg plates that are from our own stock, of which we have thousands. Yes, if you buy a new reg from our own stock it can be on your car in a week!

However, if you buy personalised reg plates that are not our own stock but for which we act as agents for the current holder of the number, then it will take up to four weeks to transfer your reg. We actually have access to millions of personalised car reg plates for bold reg transfer, but it does take longer to process the registration transfer than those from our own stock.

Whether you buy a registration plate that is ours or one for which we act as agents, we guarantee that you cannot buy any number plate for less anywhere else. At the very least, we will match the price offered by any other dealer, but in most cases we will be able to offer it for less. That is why you should only ever buy registration plates from us because, in addition, we transfer your reg as quickly as the DVLA will allow. We are also very nice people to deal with!

We have been buying and selling personalised registrations for 35 years, so nobody knows anything more about bold reg transfer than we do. This is why we have been able to build up stocks of reg plates that you can’t buy from anyone else for absolute reg transfer in days rather than weeks.

Whatever number plate you are looking for, enter it into our search box and we will instantly tell you if we can supply it. If we can, we will arrange for registration transfer to you as quickly as humanly possible.