Cherished Number Plates

Private Car Numbers Is The #1 Company For Cherished Number Plates

Buying And Selling Cherished Registration Plates For 35 Years

At Private Car Numbers we have been buying and selling cherished number plates for over 35 years and we are one of the longest established businesses in the UK in the field of cherished registrations. As one of the most respected businesses in DVLA cherished plates we have built up a stock of many thousands of number plates for sale in the UK. There are a number of companies that offer cherished number plates for sale, but in most instances they are only acting as agents for the owners. They have no stocks of their own.

We, too, act as agents for people wishing to sell cherished number plates, but over the course of many years we have purchased cherished registrations for the simple reason that they were available and we knew that at some point somebody would be looking for that particular plate. We simply put them into stock in much the same way as any retail shopkeeper buys stock and waits for someone to buy it. For instance, a furniture retailer may buy a sofa and it may sit in the shop for months until someone buys it, and it is the same with our DVLA cherished plates.

However, there is a difference and that is that in the case of the sofa the manufacturers will have made many of them which are available from other retailers. In the case of our cherished number plates for sale there is only one – ever – so you can only buy it from us.

That does NOT mean that we ask silly prices. Far from it. We are in the business of selling custom number plates and we don’t make any money unless we do so. Having been in the business for so many years we know what is a fair price and that is what we ask.

In fact, we go so far as to say that you cannot possibly buy cherished registrations for less from anywhere else. In the case of our own stock we own them outright so you cannot buy them anywhere else, and in the case of cherished number plates for sale where we act as agents we GUARANTEE to match the price that anyone else is offering. However, the good news is that in most cases we will be able to beat it.

If you buy number plates from our own stock we can arrange transfer to you within seven days. Where the number plates are owned by someone else and we act as agents it will usually take about four weeks for cherished number plates transfer.

The cost of custom number plates can vary enormously, but many only run into a few hundred pounds. Very rare number plates for sale can today easily run into the hundreds of thousands and there is even one on offer for £15 million. If you really must have F1 on your Ford Fiesta we can tell you where to
find the owner!

At Private Car Numbers we also provide cherished number plates valuation. If you own a number plate that you think might be worth something we can value it for you using our many years of experience, and then if you wish to appoint us as your agents we can add it to our list of cherished numbers for sale. We do not charge for number plates valuation or for advertising number plates, but we do take an agreed fair commission upon a successful sale and the transfer of the number plate to the new owner.