Private Number plates for sale

Private Car Numbers Is The Number Plate Number 1 

Looking For Personalised Number Plates? Private Car Numbers Is The Number 1 Supplier.

Personalised number plates for sale are unique. This is part of the attraction for many people because when you have a cherished registration it is yours and nobody else has one the same. When we say it is yours, technically it isn’t because it belongs to the vehicle. However, provided you follow the fairly simple rules you can keep it and transfer it from one vehicle to the next.

There are actually millions of registration number plates for sale but finding the exact number plates for sale that you want can be tricky. The exact one that you want may not be available among all the cherished number plates for sale because someone else has it. However, there are so many private reg plates for sale that we will be able to find something very close. At Private Car Numbers, it is what we do.

To begin with, we have huge stocks of private number plates for sale that belong to us because we have been buying and selling number plates for 35 years and along the way we have amassed a very large “library” of our own. It is very possible that among all the personalised number plates for sale we own we have exactly the plate you want. However, if we don’t have exactly the number plate that you want, we do have access to some 45 million more registration number plates for sale, so we will be able to find you a good alternative.

Furthermore, every few months the DVLA holds auctions of number plates for sale that have never been issued before, so we can always check out those for you and bid at the auction if you wish.

We also make a guarantee that we will not be beaten on price. If you see private reg plates for sale by another advertiser, we guarantee to match the price as a minimum, but very often we can beat it. This is because of our many years of experience of cherished number plates for sale: we know how to cut a deal!

So whatever you are looking for in the way of private number plates for sale give us a call. We are sure to be able to help.