Private Car Numbers Has Been Dealing In Personalised Number Plates For 35 Years

At Private Car Numbers, we are the leading dealer in DVLA personalised number plates in the UK and have been buying and selling them for 35 years. Over this period of time, we have built up a huge collection of many thousands of private registrations that are entirely our own stock, and so you cannot possibly buy them from anyone else.

If you are looking for a particular registration, it is very likely that we may have it in stock. If it is not one that we own, then we can obtain it for you – provided that it is available on the market, of course – and we make a guarantee that the price we quote cannot be beaten by anyone else. At the very least, we will match it, but in most cases we will quote a price lower than you can get elsewhere.

What this means to you when you are in the market for personalised DVLA registration plates, is that you should come to Private Car Numbers every time, because at the very least our price will never be higher than a competitor, but in the majority of cases will be less. Furthermore, if the plate you want is part of our own stock you can’t get it anywhere else in any event.

Of course, it may be that the number plate you want is not yet on the market but may be very shortly. This is because the DVLA holds regular auctions every few months of number plates that it has never issued and the plate that you want could be in one of the next auctions. We regularly attend the DVLA auctions because we may want to buy number plates to add to our own stock, but we are always happy to bid on your behalf for a particular number plate if you wish. If we are successful in bidding on the plate that you want, we will simply charge you a fee that we have agreed beforehand, but if the bidding goes over your top price, we won’t charge you any fee, so you really can’t lose.