DVLA Number Plates

Private Car Numbers Is The UK #1 Specialist When It Comes To DVLA Number Plates

For The Biggest Choice Of DVLA Plates Look To Private Car Numbers

When it comes to DVLA cherished plates, Private Car Numbers is the leading supplier of DVLA number plates in the UK. We have a huge stock of DVLA personalised number plates that we have amassed over the years and that you simply cannot buy anywhere else. We have been in the business of buying and selling DVLA private reg. for 35 years and we are always on the lookout for special private number plates to add to our stock.

Custom number plates have a special aura about them. Many people, of course, want their initials, or something that spells their name such as SUE or SYD or J1M, but these are not always available, and when they have a low number added these DVLA personalised registrations can be quite expensive. That is no problem, provided you are prepared to pay the price. For instance, at the moment of writing we have DVLA cherished plates such as HEB 1 for £35,000, 72 SR for £14,999, or perhaps you would like AJ 11 or DJ 11 (perfect for a Disc Jockey called Dave Johnson!) which we have available but for which the price is negotiable.

DVLA private number plates like these are expensive for the simple reason that they are highly sought after: a lot of people want them and are prepared to pay for them. If that is one of the DVLA cherished plates that you want, you are actually very lucky that we have them in our stock. We have had to pay a considerable amount ourselves in order to obtain them in the first place.

DVLA personalised number plates make a great present for a loved one. Many of our customers are looking for DVLA personalised registrations for a birthday or Christmas present for their partner or another family member, and there is absolutely no doubt that they do make a wonderful surprise gift. It is something a bit different from the usual Christmas gift of a couple of pairs of socks for the simple reason you can’t think of anything else they haven’t already got. This DVLA private reg. they most certainly have not got, because it is the only one in existence!

If you should have a DVLA number plate that you think might be worth something, we are happy to provide a DVLA number plates valuation for you. We may wish to purchase it ourselves, or we could add it to our list of DVLA private number plates for sale and sell it for you on a commission basis. We can arrange the DVLA number plates transfer for you when it is sold or arrange DVLA number plates retention until it is sold if it is still in your possession but not actually on a vehicle.

Whatever your enquiry or questions about custom number plates, talk to us: we are the experts when it comes to number plates.